Our Origins
Our Purpose

Experience the Spanish gastronomy traditions with us and see how the food makes you smile. That is why in 1995 we decided to create ingenious formats to share the best of our flavours, while reaching a wider audience to try the food that, in our opinion, embodies the taste of happiness. From that moment, we have been working as a team with a passion for preparing tapas and appetisers made from the heart. Our products are inspired to complement and create pleasant moments to share and spend unforgettable times.

Prepared with traditional methods

We transform only the best Spanish products into delicious bites that can turn any occasion into something truly special. And in order to achieve that, we select the freshest produce and the richest ingredients right from their source. Our entire process is undertaken using traditional methods. Because we believe in the hard work of those who love what they do and use their best endeavours, dedicating the fruit of their labour so that a growing number of consumers can see, try and experience the best of our food

Local products

We select only the best and work exclusively with suppliers who are committed towards quality. Because we are convinced that this is the only way to feel proud of what we do. Therefore, we build trusting relationships with local suppliers that are based upon our bond and their rich, local products as the most important factors.

Ongoing innovation and improvement

We are constantly improving and assessing our processes, working with the latest food preparation technology available. In this manner, we can always guarantee that our products comply with the highest quality standards, including the IFS Global Market certification. This allows us to continue innovating while providing a regularly revised range of products.

From Spain to the world

Alimago operates in several European countries, with an expanding international demand thanks to our RETAIL and HOSPITALITY ranges.